Cambodia to Laos


Today was quite uneventful. I got up at 6.30am to pack all my stuff, and woke up the couple who were also getting on my bus as they had quite a few drinks the night before haha. I had breakfast and then left! The bus cost me $9 and dropped me off at the airport which was awesome. The only bad thing was that it dropped me off 5 hours before my flight, but it was ok, I had burger king and wifi to speak to loved ones for company lol.

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Cambodia – Kampot


As today was my last day in Cambodia I decided to just soak up the town and take my time to walk into the town. I enjoyed the stroll in as it allowed me to really look at what was around me. The locals here are so friendly and will always smile and wave, sometimes they say hello.

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Camboda – Kep


Today I headed off to Kep on my scooter, it was so sunny in the morning but it was very short lived and it quickly turned torrential. Feeling optimistic, I decided to still head out and bought myself a poncho so I wouldn’t get drenched. There were also 5 guys from my hostel heading there and I thought better to have saftey in numbers so I joined them, and also a guy who I’d met in Siem Reap also joined. I definitely knew that if anything went wrong someone would be able to help.

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Cambodia – Kampot, Bokor Mountain


Today I had a really nice lie in as I was going to join this girls tour to Bokor mountain. Originally we thought a tuk tuk would take us up there but when he came he was like no! Moto only. So I hired a scooter!!! I was so nervous as I was worried the road would be wet and slippery, I shouldn’t have been as the road up the mountain was unpopulated and concreted. It was such a nice journey up the mountain! The views were magnificent you could see as far as the island. The journey was quite long and one guys bike had a flat tire so he had to jump on someone else’s bike.

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Cambodia – Phnom Penh to Kampot


In the morning I walked to the bus stop and got on the giant ibis bus to Kampot. The journey was 4 hours long and no one puked on me this time! When I finally arrived in Kampot it was raining so heavily. It was a shame but a nice chance for me to relax and contact loved ones. I’m staying at Banyan Tree hostel which is so down to earth. It’s all wooden, my dorm is just mattresses on the floor with mosquito nets over them. There is a wonderful view of the river and I can even swim with a rubber ring if I want. The food is pretty good at a decent price so I didn’t bother to head into the town and just ate at the hostel. There was a Powercut but I absolutely loved it, no music or bright lights just calm and candles.