Cambodia to Laos


Today was quite uneventful. I got up at 6.30am to pack all my stuff, and woke up the couple who were also getting on my bus as they had quite a few drinks the night before haha. I had breakfast and then left! The bus cost me $9 and dropped me off at the airport which was awesome. The only bad thing was that it dropped me off 5 hours before my flight, but it was ok, I had burger king and wifi to speak to loved ones for company lol.

The flight was fine and I landed in the evening, I took a taxi which I was not expecting and went to the hostel. It was the first time I hadn’t booked a room or looked up how to get a visa or how I will travel around, and it all worked out fine! I was so proud that I didn’t freak out once I was there.

I’m staying at dream house hostel 2, and the dorm is basic but with good storage and plug socket. Luckily the people staying with me are lovely and we all had dinner together at an Italian place. So far Vientiane is completely different to Cambodia, it kind of reminds me of Bangkok but not so crazy.

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