Cambodia – Siem Reap to Battambang


Today I had booked a seat on the mini bus to go to Battambang, it cost $7 and is meant to take4 hours. It picked me up before 10.30am and there were only a few people on board. They soon picked up more people, both local and tourists. I ended up having a local elder lady with a young child on her lap, she was really sweet and let me try some of her sweet rice stick.

The bus stopped once and I quickly had some lunch which was a chicken stew with rice and only cost $2. On the way to the toilet I could see one of the locals being very sick… and then once back on the bus the kid next to me puked up everywhere. It was so hot and smelly.. thank god I have a strong stomach.

An hour late and I arrived at my hostel Here Be Dragons, and was pleased to find I was in an aircon dorm. The people working here are lovely and so friendly, I had a good chat with them about the area and what I could do.

I then headed into the town, passing the old French colonial buildings, it was a really nice walk along the river. I passed so many street restaurants which are open until 2am, and then walked passed a gym which I really want to go in, and then right next to the river there was the outside public ‘gym’. I noticed that a lot of people work out here, if they’re not on the aerobic machines next to the river they are having a jog or power walking. I really like the vibe here.

Further down I came across more food stalls, and a huge food market which is one of my favourite things to walk through. They have rotissary duck and other funny birds that still have their feet attached. I bought a single mango and the woman tried to charge me 2000Reil which I immediately detested and got it down to 1000R which is probably still a rip off. She cut it up for me to eat though which was nice.

Walking around some more I saw many shops where women can have their photo taken and photoshopped. The outcome images were hilarious, they looked more like men.

I ended up eating near to the food market looking out to the river, across the water I could see a big parade of some kind probably budhist and they had a lit up cart with loud music. Then in the distance I saw a ton of fireworks go off, it made my meal so much more interesting! I ate a local beef dish called Lok Lak which is just stir fried pepper beef with rice and egg. It was so tasty and cost only 2$. Afterwards unfortunately my stomach felt a bit funny so I headed back and rested up for the evening.


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