Vietnam- Hanoi, museums


Today was my last full day in Vietnam, and I wanted to make the most of it by visiting the museums.

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Vietnam – Hue


I woke up early and headed straight out to the royal citadel. The walk was quite pleasant as we went through some parks which had shade, and we could walk along the bridges. Over the bridge I could see the gates and the main entrance to the citadel. It’s really cool to see the walls and moat, and the big Vietnamese flag.

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Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh, Cuchi Tunnels & War museum


This morning I got up early as I had booked myself onto the Cu Chi Tunnel tour. The bus picked us up at 8am, and the journey was around 1 hour until we stopped off at a handicap art workshop. Here the handicapped work for the government creating beautiful eggshell and shell artwork, it was nice to see that the government had set up this factory to allow these people to work and support themselves. I didn’t buy anything as I found it quite expensive and too heavy to carry around.

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Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh


I had a really traumatic journey to Hong Kong airport as my ferry to HK was delayed by fog and I didn’t have much time for check in..I legged it through immigration and down to the taxi stand, and luckily checked in fine at HK station. Because I was worried about missing my flights I didn’t sleep at all and I’d only had 1 hour sleep before taking the taxi to the ferry port.needless to say I was so relieved that I had got to my gate in time ready for Vietnam.

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