Cambodia – Siem Reap Ankor day 2


I got up at 7 to get ready, eat breakfast and jump on the tuk tuk again to see the big circuit.
We drove straight past the sites we had seen before and went to the temples which were on the outskirts. Today was already so much hotter I was sweating so much.

The first temple was Preah Khan, then Neak pean, Ta Som. These were all pretty interesting and nice to walk around and see. Although the architecture for each one has its similarities, each one had its own uniqueness which I really enjoyed.

One place that stood out to me was East Mebon and not the actual temple but the walkway to the site. The area is barren with dead broken trees, turns out it is a dry ancient water reserve.

I then headed to pre rup and prasat kravan, these were made of brick which reminded me of Bagan. The view from the top is lovely but you can’t really see any other temples for the trees.

This day was much shorter than the other but it was so much hotter so I wasn’t disappointed. Most people do one circuit in the afternoon so they can see the sunset. I just wanted some cooler morning air.. That evening I had a bigger walk round pub street and the night markets, I had a couple drinks and luckily it was happy hour so only $4 for 2 iced cocktails. I ate some really good pork ribs and rice and a roti pancake which will never be as good as the many I had in Ao Nang in Thailand.


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