Camboda – Kep


Today I headed off to Kep on my scooter, it was so sunny in the morning but it was very short lived and it quickly turned torrential. Feeling optimistic, I decided to still head out and bought myself a poncho so I wouldn’t get drenched. There were also 5 guys from my hostel heading there and I thought better to have saftey in numbers so I joined them, and also a guy who I’d met in Siem Reap also joined. I definitely knew that if anything went wrong someone would be able to help.

The journey felt quite long and the rain was quite heavy at times so I took it slow while everyone else sped off, my life matters and I didn’t care if I was being a slow grandma. Luckily the road was quite empty and was a nice road to drive on, if it had been a dirt road I would have been freaking out a lot more. The way to Kep is also really straightforward, it’s just a straight road! When we arrived there was the beach which had quite a lot of rubbish on which was a shame as the water was warm. It wasn’t clear water as it had been raining a lot and I’m not sure how clear the water gets, but I can imagine in summer it would be amazing here. There are so many huts with hammocks set up which probably also serve a ton of food. As there were so many of us it was hard to organise where to go etc. and we ended up at this empty restaurant further around the shore which had a really nice old pier. Of course I had some crab as this area is famous for it, it was also quite expensive ($8 for a small or $9.50 for a big) so I shared a big plate with another guy. There were 5 crabs on the plate when it came, which was awesome! I had no idea how to eat crab but quickly learnt and boy it tasted so good. I’m so pleased I got to eat some crab because that was on my to do list.

After lunch I ditched the people from my hostel and continued with my friend from Siem Reap as it was too hard to see everything I wanted to see when in a big group. I went back to the crab market which was a bit dead probably because of the torrential rain, but had a rest in one of the restaurants there where the sea was underneath our feet. Moving on I drove to the National Park, and I was really scared at first as it was just a dirt road but realised if I go really slow it would be ok. I probably went as fast as if I were on foot… It was still really fun and there were lots of stop offs where you could see the view. There was meant to be a waterfall but there wasn’t enough water for it.. but I came across this stop off where there was a steep walkable path.

There were so many sign posts telling you what to see and how far it was. I was aiming for the viewpoint which was only 130m away, so I walked up. It was quite steep and slippery and I saw this huge centipede, like mega big, I really felt like I was in the jungle and it was awesome! I was also happy because it was a bit of a work out and I haven’t done anything like that for a while. At the top there was the most amazing view of the islands in the distance, I was happy I was able to see a view after the view in Bokor mountain had been cloudy. I continued my drive and made sure to see all the other viewing points, I almost got to see a butterfly farm but it was closed by the time I got there. It was starting to get dark and beginning to rain again so I headed back to Kampot, I made sure to drive round the whole of Kep and it really is a lovely town. It’s so peaceful and I’d love to see it when it’s sunny. The drive back was so quick in comparison to the journey there, maybe I was just driving a bit quicker…

That evening I decided to chill out at the hostel.


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