A deep goodbye to Asia, and hello to Prague


So it was time to say goodbye to Asia, I don’t really know how I feel about it all. In one way I am sad, sad to be losing my freedom of solo exploration, of not being able to discover and experience this wonderful continent. In the other way, I’m happy, happy to be going back to Europe, my home, seeing old faces instead of constant new ones.

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Thailand – Bangkok, Glitterarti Nail bar, central shopping


So I decided to get my nails done, and had done some research before and came across Glitterarti which was only 5 mins away from my hostel! The price I had quoted was 650B for gel, but I ended up paying double and I’m not really sure why. Could be because the design I wanted had gems and the whole schabang…. super bling. It was really pleasant though and the ladies did a great job! Really relaxing, free wifi and bottle off water. I highly recommend and if I’m ever in Bangkok again, I’d like to stop by just for plain nails (cheaper haa).

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Thailand – Leaving Kanchanaburi to Bangkok, night market


So it was really unlucky, and unfortunate that the King of Thailand died yesterday. My condolences to the country. My original plan was to go to the Hell Fire Pass, and was really looking forward to it, but due to the situation it was closed today. I wasn’t 100% sure it was closed as it seemed that it was only supposed to be entertainment was to be toned down, Hellfire Pass isn’t too much of enjoyable entertainment compared with the full moon party! As it was 2 hours on the public bus I didn’t want to risk it and decided to head to Bangkok a day early.  Continue reading

Thailand – Sukhothai


I got up early after quite a pleasant sleep at Green House (looks can be deceiving). I headed to the main street where I first asked a tuk tuk to take me to the old city but he was charging 100b. So I found the bus stop and waited there, this takes a little longer as you have to wait for the bus to fill up a bit but costs only 30B one way.  Continue reading