Laos – Luang Prabang, airport


This was my last day in Laos and what better way to spend it by being poolside and sunbathing. I had a flight to catch at 5pm so spent the morning catching the sun, and then got myself a final two Oreo shakes and a baguette. I also sent some postcards, and found some nice ones next to the actual post office. It cost me 13,000k for a European stamp and 2000 for the actual postcard. I think I found the right place to post it and fingers crossed it arrives!

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Laos – Muang Ngoi to Luang Prabang, Wat Thien Thong Temple


To get back to Luang Prabang I had to first book my ticket to Nong Khiaw at 8.30am at the the boat ticket office. The office was just an open room and one guy with some tickets, it cost 25,000k to get the boat back. At 9.30am the boat left, so I had some time to get the breakfast buffet which was filling as usual! There were two boats heading back as it was so packed but for some reason I was always lucky and got on the emptier one.

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Laos – Huay Bo to Muang Ngoi


Today I headed back to civilisation in Mung Ngoi, if I can call it that.. I was ready to leave the village. In only two days I really missed home and my comforts. I guess I didn’t appreciate what I have back at home and wanted to escape from it all, but really home is home and I wanted to get back in contact with loved ones and see how everyone was.

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Laos – Muang Ngoi


The long boat left at 11am, and I had to be at the pier half an hour beforehand. The ticket for the local boat cost 25,000 and took around 1 hour and half, it was such a beautiful journey now Nam Ou river but I was still so tired from the previous day I was closing my eyes for most of it. We shared the boat with some locals, who all got off at the wrong village and had to run back and shout so the driver could come pick them up again. As there are no signs for the different villages, I can see how they went wrong!

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Laos – Nong Khiaw


I headed off to the northern town Nong Khiaw to get a bit more of a ‘real Laos’ vibe. The bus journey cost 75,000 through the hostel but it costs 50,000 if you go to the bus stop yourself to book. The journey took 4 hours and was quite pleasant with some nice views, and I arrived at 1pm.

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