Cambodia – Kampot, Bokor Mountain


Today I had a really nice lie in as I was going to join this girls tour to Bokor mountain. Originally we thought a tuk tuk would take us up there but when he came he was like no! Moto only. So I hired a scooter!!! I was so nervous as I was worried the road would be wet and slippery, I shouldn’t have been as the road up the mountain was unpopulated and concreted. It was such a nice journey up the mountain! The views were magnificent you could see as far as the island. The journey was quite long and one guys bike had a flat tire so he had to jump on someone else’s bike.

Nearing the top it was getting colder and colder and we were basically in the clouds! Luckily I had brought warm clothes so I was nice and warm. First we stopped at a Buddhist statue, it looked really new and we had a nice view at the top although it was a bit foggy. There was a women sat on a mat in front and she had offered the statue a whole cooked pig…

Heading further up we got to the Buddhist temple, which was so misty and made it quite eerie. There’s one temple which is only 10 years old, and unfinished, and there’s another temple which was built in 1920. As no one was here it was like it was abandoned.

For lunch we stopped at this random place, our visibility had reduced to only 10m. They only sold fruit and pot noodles, I think they had local dishes but the meat looked a bit dodgy. I got a mango but then the woman dipped it in some water after she peeled it and I was terrified I’d get ill but so far all ok..!

Driving on we came to the abandoned casino. It was abandoned during the Khmer Rouge regime as they lived nearby, so everyone fled. In the fog it looked even more creepy, and walking around there were huge puddles of water and some tiling. Really you couldn’t grasp what it would have looked like in the past as it seemed as though all the walls had been plastered or stripped. I loved walking around though, I felt like I was in a horror film and someone would jump out at me anytime.

We then started to head back and passed the catholic cathedral which also looked abandoned yet inside someone had put in some new statues of jesus. It was all very creepy at the top of the mountain. It was such a shame that we were in the cloud as the view would have been amazing, I’m glad I saw what I did and braved riding the scooter round the winding road.

I was completely knackered when I got back but was determined to use the scooter and eat in the town centre. I headed in with people from my hostel and we all ate at a Korean BBQ place haha it was cook it yourself style and we ordered so much and it only cost $4 in total! Walking back to the bikes which were parked up next to the night market I bought a coconut shake which was so delicious and while there this cute boy wanted to have photos taken of him posing with his gun.

The night market was just for the locals as there was nothing geared for tourists, which I thought was great. I’m happy to see that this town hasn’t been affected by tourism. In the middle of the market there was a carousel and being the child that I am I decided to go on it, for only 1000R which is like 15p. I was scared it would break but it was actually quite fun.

Afterwards I headed back to the hostel and was so knackered!

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