Cambodia – Kampot


As today was my last day in Cambodia I decided to just soak up the town and take my time to walk into the town. I enjoyed the stroll in as it allowed me to really look at what was around me. The locals here are so friendly and will always smile and wave, sometimes they say hello.

In the town because my hostel had no wifi, I chilled at another hostel called birds nest to steal the Internet. I then went to the local market which is like a maze inside. It pretty much sells everything, from tailored clothes to handmade jewellery, to butchered meats and dried fish. I decided to try some of the food there, and got myself a sweet waffle, some amaaaaazing fried Spring rolls (I ordered more once I ate some) and a banana sticky rice. It was fun trying all the food and it was all so cheap and tasty. After a while of getting lost in the market I walked around the outside to take a look at the architecture. Here they have quite a bit of French colonial buildings and it makes the town so bright and pretty. I found a Vietnamese pho restaurant for lunch which was really good.

Afterwards I went back to birds nest hostel to steal some more wifi while I waited for the rain to calm down. Once it was nice weather again I walked back to my hostel. On the way I walked along the river and saw the old bridge which is not in use anymore and all the fishing boats preparing for the nights fish. It was so nice walking as I could see the mountains in the far distance and coupled with the river it made for some really pretty scenery. The walk took me around 20 mins, and as soon as I got back to my hostel it poured down with rain, I felt so lucky!

As there was still no wifi I sat at the wooden bar and had a nice chat with the employees and other guests. It’s such a friendly calm vibe here, you get the odd hippy or stoner here but overall there’s people here who just love Cambodia. It made for a really nice evening just chatting away and then as it was a Friday, they had the live band come on around 10pm who played some old rock songs. Many people came from other hostels and there were some locals too. Unfortunately there was a blackout but it didn’t seem to dampen any spirits and as back up the Banyan team gave out free tequila shots. I didn’t really drink anything as I had an early morning bus to catch and I would feel sick if I did. Everyone had a really good time and I just loved talking to the employees and fellow guests. It’s amazing how the people sometimes just make a place special.

I ended up sleeping at 2am and had a tuk tuk driver come and sleep in my dorm at 5am haha, he was KOd.


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