Cambodia – Battambang, lake


I had the worst night sleep ever because one girl in the dorm thought it would be OK to turn off the aircon which I had paid extra to have the privilege!

Today Nakim was to take us back out into the countryside to see a local lake where you can eat food and chill out. The journey took so long around 1 hour and it was really bumpy and dusty. I enjoyed watching the scenery and waving to the kids on the street.

At the lake there was a basic kitchen where they were preparing a chicken soup. We ordered a ton of food to share, and then got in a boat to take us out onto a floating house that we could chill on. The river water was murky but I still took a dip and it was so refreshing. I didn’t swim for too long coz I kept hitting bits of tree trunk and didn’t want to hurt myself.

I loved the lunch there as some fried rice and some soup, they also gave us a basket of different drinks. They had also brought us the lunch via boat! It was so nice to chill out with the breeze and water to dip in. I wish I had my book or a pack of cards so we had some more entertainment. There were quite a few locals there as its Sunday, but they all went to separate houses to chill in. Unfortunately it was beginning to rain so we decided to head back to the hostel. We had to wait forever to be picked up as everyone had decided to leave too. Altogether the food and floating house was only $2.5 each, which is amazing. The journey back was so dusty the only thing I could do was close my eyes. It’s definitely worth asking what’s around the area when you are on good terms with a driver as there were no western tourists there and it was such a good day out. The tuk tuk for the day cost $6 each too for 4 people which isn’t too bad either.

That evening we headed to the market for food, and then did some yoga before heading onto the overnight bus


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