Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur


We were lucky to check in to our hotel in Bukit Bintang when we arrived at 7am, so we could have a needed rest after the night bus.

This day was our last day together and we spent it chilling out, eating, shopping, watching the film Train to Busan (which was SO good!) and just preparing to say goodbye to each other yet again.



Malaysia – Penang rest day


Shameless to say I had a full and total rest day but also very productive in sorting out future flights and hostels. Sometimes you need admin days to catch up on everything. It’s also a strong point in my trip where I really want to go home.. It’s hard to get excited about different places when you just want to go back and continue with your life. I have to really remember why I wanted to travel in the first place and not to give up and live in regret! Money is getting low but I can get through this 🙂

Malaysia – Penang


I arrived at Penang bus station at 5.30am completely tired and disorientated. No idea on where I was and how I get to Georgetown. Luckily I found some fellow travellers who told me we were to wait for the public bus as it was only 2RM. This bus didn’t come until 6am so I was waiting a while but costs only 2RM and takes you to Komtar bus station, which is only a short 10 min walk away from the hostel area.

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Malaysia – Kapas Island, jungle trek


To keep active I went on the jungle hike, at the top of the beach there is the longer hike to the other side. It was a typical jungle hike but I was wearing flip flops so it was extra slippery, especially because it had rained that morning. I saw so many huge insects and bugs! When we finally reached the other side we were greeted with a rock landscape. Unfortunately it seems like there is a lot of oil around but luckily only on the rocks and not in the sea. I climbed round to enjoy more of the view. There were a lot of jellyfish in the water so I didn’t swim.

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Malaysia – Kapas Island, sharks


To try and see some more sharks I snorkelled across to the left of the island where there is another beach, it was quite a long distance but it felt good to do some exercise! I didn’t see any sharks but again I was pleased with all the fish I did see and the coral was just amazing. Afterwards I was super knackered, probably because I haven’t slept well in the tent due to the noise from the storms and because it was quite cramped inside and there’s no mattress.

I ate at wherever was open and am truly spoiling myself by eating everything.

Malaysia – Kapas Island


After a night bus to Kuala Terrangu, we finally arrived in Marang. I had to ask the bus driver to stop by the Marang jetty so we could avoid getting a bus back on ourselves from KT. We had a quick walk around the mosque to get to the jetty, there were signs so it’s not hard to find. The only place open was MGH where I got my boat ticket, it cost 40rm return and the boat left at 8.30 am. There was no extra fee like with Tioman and the boat journey took only 15mins.

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