Malaysia – Penang Hill and street art


The morning started off pretty rainy, but I didn’t let it stop me. I decided to check out all the street art which is found near the clan jetties, so with my map and poncho I set out.

With the map it’s easy to find all the amazing street art, but if I had been wandering around without it I may have missed some! My favourites were the two kids on the bicycle and also the pyramid of cats. The whole area is very quaint, with some really run down buildings housing local businesses. It really looked like they hadn’t updated anything for a good 50 years, it really felt like I was in a historical town and loved it.

At the jetty I was able to walk down and see all the houses that the clans live on, the clans are the first Chinese settlers in Penang and it’s really interesting to see the wooden buildings. On the jetty I bought this agarve egg which was just slightly sweet jelly in an egg shell, more hilarious than anything. I also bought some more pastries, and ended up having some really tasty bak kuh teh at a food court near the jetty entrance.

In the afternoon the sky was clearing up a bit so I headed out to Penang Hill. I had to walk to Komtar bus station as I didn’t know where the 204 bus stopped, the bus then took around 30mins and cost 2rm. I stayed on until the very end and managed to blag a student ticket for the tram up to the top for 15rm return.

The tram was so quick to get to the top! It’s nice and modern like in Japan and unlike the old tram in Hong Kong. At the top there’s a food court, a couple odd museums, a hindu temple and mosque and of course a really nice viewing platform. As the sky had cleared up I had a really lovely view of Penang and the mainland.

Heading back to the hostel I stopped quickly to buy a Xiaomi phone rather than fix my iphone as it worked out cheaper. I had to go to the mall near komtar but there were a lot of suppliers of phones, sometimes good to know ha.

That evening I ate at the food court near to my hostel, which also provided some delightful entertainment.


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