Malaysia – Kapas Island


After a night bus to Kuala Terrangu, we finally arrived in Marang. I had to ask the bus driver to stop by the Marang jetty so we could avoid getting a bus back on ourselves from KT. We had a quick walk around the mosque to get to the jetty, there were signs so it’s not hard to find. The only place open was MGH where I got my boat ticket, it cost 40rm return and the boat left at 8.30 am. There was no extra fee like with Tioman and the boat journey took only 15mins.

This island is just pure paradise, all the buildings backed on to the white sand and crystal clear water, but there was enough jungle to hide it all. There is also no one here! We walked down the beach to Longsha camping where you can rent a tent for 15rm per person. It has a kitchen here so many people go to the market in Marang to buy fresh foods for dinner. I was very under prepared and brought no food, but as I only planned to stay a few days I didn’t mind paying for food. To hire a snorkel only costs 10rm for the entire stay which is a bargain!

The first thing I did was some laundry by hand and then went out to snorkel, I had heard there were turtles and went on a hunt. Unfortunately I didn’t find one but enjoyed the swim nonetheless and saw some amazing fish in the coral.

Food here is easier to find than on Tioman! And they have a good range of western and Asian food, with lots of vegetable and salad options. I was excited to eat a salad for sure.

I walked all the way down to the other end of the island and found some more beautiful coral and enjoyed the swim. I saw a shark and so many urchins. I was scared to put my feet down until I could see completely clear sand! It really is bliss here and so relaxing.


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