Malaysia – Penang


I arrived at Penang bus station at 5.30am completely tired and disorientated. No idea on where I was and how I get to Georgetown. Luckily I found some fellow travellers who told me we were to wait for the public bus as it was only 2RM. This bus didn’t come until 6am so I was waiting a while but costs only 2RM and takes you to Komtar bus station, which is only a short 10 min walk away from the hostel area.

I decided to stay at Ryokan due to the excellent reviews and although I couldn’t check in until 2pm I wasn’t disappointed! It was so nice and clean with a great bathroom.

For breakfast I found a Chinese restaurant serving some dim sum and at 10rm it wasn’t a bad price. I then spent some time chilling and researching more of my trip. I ended up heading to Komtar mall as my phone wasn’t working and found out it would cost 100quid to fix so it put me off… It was a nice walk though and I bought some pastries for the journey.

That afternoon I spent most of it in the cat cafe across from my hostel. For only 13rm I knew I couldn’t go wrong. Obviously none of the cats loved me, but it was fun to be there. There were some ugly cats and some pretty ones, all either very lazy or hyperactive.

In the evening I was hoping to see some of the famous street food, but unfortunately it only happens at the weekend so I missed out! I ate some yummy won ton mee though.

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