Malaysia – Medan to Kapas (again!)

26/09/16 – 28/09/16

Again I am bundling this island piece of joy into one blog post.

 To get to Kapas we cut corners and transferred in Kuala Lumpur airport to a domestic flight straight to Kuala Terengganu. This meant we could arrive there by around 7pm and enjoy the city before catching the boat in the morning. We stayed at The Space Inn, which was 70RM for a twin room. It was basic but clean, I was happy to stay the night there and it was also right near Chinatown, so I had some yummy bah kuh teh for dinner.

In the morning we took a taxi to the jetty which was 30rm, much easier than trying to find the bus even though it would have been cheaper. At the jetty we got our return boat ticket for 30rm each, cheaper than before! We left in about 15mins after purchasing the ticket at 9.30am.

Our few days on Kapas were eventful! We spent one day walking across the island, checking out every beach and relaxing and eating at the Jetty cafe. The second day was spent snorkelling, I rented my snorkel from Longsha for 10rm for the day, and it was such a good day to snorkel! We first went around the corner of Captain Longhouse, where we were staying, and saw a huge reef shark. Then we went to the other end of the island where loads of fish were nibbling at us, but not in a pedicure kind of way, it was quite painful but hilarious. Then we got to the jetty and decided to go see the hordes of fish that lounge there, and saw a huge turtle eating a dead fish! I was so happy we scored the snorkelling jackpot that day.

On our last day we decided, no, Rudy decided to kayak around the whole island. It was much harder than we had anticipated and I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. The current was quite strong so you had to keep going otherwise we were being pushed in all directions, and I genuinely thought we’d never make it. I think we spent maybe over one hour on the kayak, but did make it round the whole island and we were both happy to get off it and relax in the water afterwards.

To get back to Kuala Lumpur we left Kapas at 5.30pm and then had dinner in Terengganu (albeit torrential downpours, we were so lucky with weather on the island!), before catching the night bus. I was used to these buses but Rudy was terrified we’d die as they drive pretty crazy out here, we made it in one piece though which was great.


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