Malaysia – Penang, National park


As it was a really nice day and because I felt really lazy I decided to go to the national park and hike to the monkey beach. I took the bus 101 on Chulia street for 4rm and made sure to get a window seat.

The journey took around 1 hour and it had a really lovely view of the coast, there’s lots of beach options for the sunny days. Everyone got a bit confused as to where to get off, there’s an adventure park which many tourists got off, I think as well there is a hike nearby. I knew I had to stay on the bus until the end and luckily there was a national park sign.

Before you can head into the park you have to register, there I was told there had been a landslide so I wouldn’t be able to hike all the way to the beach but I can try. So of course I tried!

There’s some lovely trails in the park, I followed the trail to the Monkey beach but took a detour to the abandoned canopy walk to have a look. The trail was relatively easy compared to other treks I’d done, but it was still a little slippery now and then. I finally reached the first beach before Monkey, but the tide was so high I couldn’t actually walk across. I started to wade but thought if the tide gets any higher I’d be stuck! It was a shame but I thought I can just walk down some of the other trails until I become too tired.

In the end I walked for a good 3 hours or so, and loved reading the historic and factual signs. When it started raining I decided to head back as I wasn’t up for a slippery trail. I had to wait a while for the 101 bus back and traffic was bad but I was pleased I’d made a full day at the park.

As I hadn’t had lunch I went to the food court near the jetty to have an early dinner, and then for the rest of the evening I rested up playing with my new phone…



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