Malaysia – Lazing on Kapas Island


I have bundled my last few days of Kapas Island into one blog post. There’s things that island life does to you:

  1. It relaxes you
  2. It disconnects you from the world
  3. You find peace of mind
  4. It makes you never want to leave
  5. It makes you lazy as hell

Number 5 rang so true with me that some of these remaining days on the island I never moved. I sat in the shallows of the sea, soaked up the sun and enjoyed a chat with my fellow campers, and then walked to the cafe by the jetty 2 times a day to have food. Seriously.. so lazy!

I was supposed to leave on the 14th, the day after my friend left but I woke up and saw the beautiful sea and decided to stay one extra night. The same thing happened for the next two nights.. it became a running joke that I’d stay “one more night”.

When I genuinely believed I was going to leave I woke up early around 8am and headed straight out into the sea. I was adamant I’d see a turtle before I left, and had heard snorkelling in the morning┬áraised my chances of seeing one. Unfortunately the sea lice were just unbelievable, and were stinging me all over. I had got so far and decided to turn around, as I did so I saw a huge reef shark swimming past, but I was so in pain I wasn’t even afraid. I walked up to the jetty in hope that there would be less sea lice, but nope still loads but I could see that a couple of girls had found a turtle. This is where I had to face the pain to see this beautiful baby turtle eating and going for air.

Sometimes when you know you are leaving you make more of the day because after that swim I’d decided to stay “one more night”, and did nothing for the rest of the day. I also did nothing the day after that apart from walk across the beach.

I was lucky enough to join a local group for a BBQ, which consisted of chicken wings and sweetcorn. It was really delicious and kind of these locals to let us eat their food, I felt like the millions of selfies with them was payment enough. That evening I also saw some plankton glowing in the sea and sand, just incredibly beautiful and something I’d never seen before.

My decision to leave was justified and confirmed when my phone started to play up, it really didn’t like being on the beach for so long and I needed to get off to fix it. On one hand I was sad to be leaving as it is just so beautiful there, but on the other hand I really needed to move on and get back to reality. It was easy arranging to go back as Long made sure I got the last boat which picked me up at the campsite at 5.30pm, and he had helped me get my bus ticket to Penang at 9pm.

To get to Kuala Terangganu was a little tricky as I had spent some time in the night market in Marang, which meant I had missed the last public bus. I tried ubering but there was nothing available, and in the end I managed to share a cab with some others to make my journey to KT cheaper.

At KT there’s a whole load of food and places to sit so it was reasonably comfortable until my bus departed.




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