Laos – Huay Bo to Muang Ngoi


Today I headed back to civilisation in Mung Ngoi, if I can call it that.. I was ready to leave the village. In only two days I really missed home and my comforts. I guess I didn’t appreciate what I have back at home and wanted to escape from it all, but really home is home and I wanted to get back in contact with loved ones and see how everyone was.

I had a banana pancake, which was super thick like a cake, paid my bill which was only 200,000K for two nights, with 6 meals and a scarf! So cheap and a really good deal. So happy that I came away, distanced myself from my phone and got to see how people with not as much as I do enjoy what they have and appreciate what they have. It’s definitely a simpler life, but very hardworking, everyone is up with the sun and sleeps not long after if goes down. Some people have managed to buy a solar panel to enjoy music, and I think they would like wifi but it would ruin the village life in the long run.

I urge everyone to go visit Konsavan guest house, if the owner is fit and well (he had badly burnt his leg when he fell off his motorbike) you can go hunting and fishing with him. His wife promised to teach me to weave next time, if I stay a month I’d have my own blanket to take home haha. They were welcoming and lovely, a much better village experience than paying a tour to take you to one.

The journey back to Mung Ngoi took 1 hour and half, which was much quicker than the way there and I enjoyed the walk. I could have easily taken another path and trekked to another village but I was ready to go back. Once back I went to get a pair of my trousers fixed for 10,000K and then had lunch at the buffet place although it took nearly an hour to get a sandwich! The rest of the day was about catching up on life and back home, and enjoying the cooler weather.

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