Laos – Nong Khiaw


I headed off to the northern town Nong Khiaw to get a bit more of a ‘real Laos’ vibe. The bus journey cost 75,000 through the hostel but it costs 50,000 if you go to the bus stop yourself to book. The journey took 4 hours and was quite pleasant with some nice views, and I arrived at 1pm.

At the bus station I took a tuk tuk for 5000 to the centre of town, I could have walked but it was raining. I then had a walk around to find somewhere nice to stay and came across Delilah which is a cafe with dorm. A bed cost 35,000 and was really cute so I went for it, it seems to be the only dorm in the area as most are guest houses which is great if you are with people already.

I had lunch at a restaurant nearby, basic but cheap and then had a wander round. My first impression is that it is beautiful! It is completely surrounded by mountains, and the river view is just amazing. There are some nice bungalows along the river which must have a lovely view, not sure how much they cost though. Across the river are more restaurants and a bar for those looking to party, although Delilah’s has a curfew of 11.30pm so you can’t go too crazy here!

As I’m having a break from hiking I chilled out for the rest of the day..

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