Laos – Luang Prabang, Kuang Si Waterfall hike


Today was going to be a chilled day but after posting a blanket I’d bought back home for £40(!) we decided to go back to the waterfalls to do another hike to the source. Luckily we found a large group of people who were heading there in a minivan so we jumped in with them and it only cost us 20,000 to get there and back.

Once there we headed straight up the waterfall, I power climbed because I am silly like that and knackered myself out at the top. From there we were able to take a 3km path to the source of the falls. It was raining quite heavily so the floor was ridiculously muddy. It was slowly building up on our shoes and I felt like I had platforms on! It was pretty hilarious but I was happy to be in trainers and not flip flops like the other people. It was really slippery and we had to really take our time to walk the path, it’s all signposted and no steep uphills or downhills so if it was dry it would be a really easy hike.

Once there, it took us about an hour from the entrance to the top, we decided to check out the cave first. We had to pay 10,000 but were given a banana and a torch which was a bonus. There were a few steps to the entrance and it wasn’t very stunning. It was a really basic cave and some monks had put statues inside to make it a place of worship. I was glad to have the torch but there really wasn’t anything interesting to see, it just went on for ages and the ceiling got lower and lower. We walked for about 5 minutes, and after we had to almost crawl we shone our light on some random man sitting down there and basically got a bit freaked out and decided to turn round. The air was also really heavy in there like it was low in oxygen, all of us were breathing really heavily and were quite out of breath. So it was nice to get out of there!

The source at the other side was nice but nothing too special, it didn’t look as clean as the water below as there were a lot of plants and signs saying no hunting or fishing so I presume there’s a lot of wildlife there too. Some other tourists were swinging on a rope swing and walking across the water on this tree trunk to try and get some free beers (if you make it across without falling you get one for free).

We didn’t stay long as we wanted to swim in the water below. As it had stopped raining it wasn’t too hard to get back and wasn’t as muddy as the way up. It felt quicker too but my legs were so tired and I couldn’t wait to sit down.

Back at the water I went for a nice dip which was so refreshing but if you stay still these fish nip you and it hurts so I didn’t stay long in the water. I then got some more delicious BBQ pork and sticky rice and chowed that down. Before catching he bus back to the town.

In the evening I had another look in the night market and ate some nice fruit and had another Oreo shake before hitting the hay.

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