Laos – Muang Ngoi


The long boat left at 11am, and I had to be at the pier half an hour beforehand. The ticket for the local boat cost 25,000 and took around 1 hour and half, it was such a beautiful journey now Nam Ou river but I was still so tired from the previous day I was closing my eyes for most of it. We shared the boat with some locals, who all got off at the wrong village and had to run back and shout so the driver could come pick them up again. As there are no signs for the different villages, I can see how they went wrong!

When we arrived there were some people saying they had a bungalow and what not but we walked up the pier a little further and came across Rainbow guesthouse, as it is low season it cost 30,000 for one room, and with two of us sharing it was working out to be £1 a night! I was really happy to have a private room again as I hadn’t been sleeping well and we were lucky that other travellers were also staying there so it had a hostel vibe. Wifi doesn’t really work but I wasn’t expecting any here, and we are able to hang out in the restaurant during the day overlooking the river.

I had a wonder round the village which is one long street, and it took only around 30mins to see everything. A lot of places were closed which I think is due to the season, but I really love that it’s quiet and empty here as it has more of a village vibe. I can imagine in high season everything is packed out and people everywhere. There are locals minding their own business and children playing in the street, they weren’t so bothered that tourists were there. I had some fried rice at Nicksas’ place but there really wasn’t any service so we left the money on the table and left.

After having a look I rested up the rest of the evening, and chilled out overlooking the river and enjoying my book and a banana pancake. I had a little nap and then headed to dinner at a restaurant that normally has all you can eat buffet, but as there aren’t enough people I just had to order off the menu. It was a nice place at the top of the pier on the main street, and we were joined by so many bugs and spiders. They were ridiculously huge. I then had a super nice early night.


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