Laos – Luang Prabang, airport


This was my last day in Laos and what better way to spend it by being poolside and sunbathing. I had a flight to catch at 5pm so spent the morning catching the sun, and then got myself a final two Oreo shakes and a baguette. I also sent some postcards, and found some nice ones next to the actual post office. It cost me 13,000k for a European stamp and 2000 for the actual postcard. I think I found the right place to post it and fingers crossed it arrives!

I then got a tuk tuk to the airport, sharing with others I managed to get the price to 10,000k but for one person it’s about 50,000k and takes about 15mins to get there. Unfortunately there is no wifi at the airport and my flight was delayed by over an hour so I missed my connecting flight to KL. Air Asia were kind enough to reorganise my flight for free but I was really bummed out as I was due to meet people in KL who don’t have much time there. It’s a bit lame the airport…

The flight left around 1.30hrs late and I arrived in Bangkok the same time as my other flight was due to leave. The air Asia team in Laos had checked me in and told me if I catch the flight to KL my bag would also be transferred. When I got to Bangkok  it took 10 mins to get off the plane and back to the arrivals gate, there was a woman waiting for me with a sign and she told me to run, and I ran! Another woman was waiting for me and I had a super quick passport and security check then I had to really run to my gate which was really far away. I really didn’t think I’d make it and the people working there also didn’t know but I ran anyway. Luckily and I was seriously hoping that the plane would be delayed and it was… For me! As soon as I got on the plane started moving, I was out of breath and sweaty but I made it, I wasn’t sure if my bag had but I didn’t care because I was on the plane. It took me 20 mins from landing to get on the other plane. I was so happy when I landed in KL and even more so when the last bag to come out was mine, I really had lost hope and thought my bag would arrive tomorrow.

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