Laos – Muang Ngoi to Luang Prabang, Wat Thien Thong Temple


To get back to Luang Prabang I had to first book my ticket to Nong Khiaw at 8.30am at the the boat ticket office. The office was just an open room and one guy with some tickets, it cost 25,000k to get the boat back. At 9.30am the boat left, so I had some time to get the breakfast buffet which was filling as usual! There were two boats heading back as it was so packed but for some reason I was always lucky and got on the emptier one.

It only took 50mins to get back to Nong Khiaw and it was nice to see the amazing scenery for one last time. A tuk tuk for 5000k took me to the bus station which is really way too much as its a 15 min walk but I had a bus to catch and I didn’t want to miss it. There were a few buses though, I caught the 11am one, but there was one at 12.30 and at 2. If you buy a ticket at the station they put you on the next bus, you can’t buy them in advance. It also only cost 37,000k.

The bus was packed so full, there were more people than seats and I was at the back in the middle. I had to hold on for dear life as the road was so bumpy I was being thrown out of my seat! I’m so glad I don’t suffer from motion sickness, it would have been horrible. The bus stopped off at a few different places to drop off and pick up locals, even a couple monks jumped on board. It was a fun but hot ride for 4 hours and was so glad to be back in Luang Prabang.

To get back to the hostel the tuk tuk cost 15,000k each which seemed really steep, but had no choice. I had also pre booked my hostel Kounsavan as previously it was always full and didn’t want the hassle of finding somewhere else.

As it was only 3pm I decided to go see the old temple Wat Xieng Thong, it takes about 15 mins to walk there but feels longer in the heat. Entrance was 20,000 and you have to dress appropriately otherwise you have to pay 5000 for a cover up. It was so pretty! They had really intricate stencilling and mosaics everywhere it was glistening in the sun. I loved the colours and the detail that this temple had. There was also a huge parade cart which I would have loved to see out on the street but assume it is only for special festivals. Even though it is a small temple, it is well worth seeing because it is so beautiful. It had been restored over the past 5 years I think and doesn’t look modern and has retained it authenticity.

That evening I visited the market again and bought even more stuff… Really need to hold back and stop buying so much. I had a veggie buffet dinner and then watched a film before bed.


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