Vietnam – Hue


I woke up early and headed straight out to the royal citadel. The walk was quite pleasant as we went through some parks which had shade, and we could walk along the bridges. Over the bridge I could see the gates and the main entrance to the citadel. It’s really cool to see the walls and moat, and the big Vietnamese flag.

We decided not to go inside as it was getting hot and it was 150000D to get in… I have seen palaces like this in China so I wasn’t too bothered. I walked back and took a detour from the hotel and came across the local market where everyone buys fresh food for lunch and dinner as no one keeps food at home in a fridge. It was so busy, and you could buy so much veg, fruit, meat, herbs, fish and grains. The fish was so fresh that it was jumping out of the pot! They also enjoy frog here which also kept trying to escape… I bought some jack fruit and bananas for 30000D.

For lunch I went to a local cafe and had a pork noodle soup for 20000D, and got some rice for the train. I also picked up a bahn mi, as our train journey is 14 hours followed by a 4 hour bus I wanted to be prepared!

We then headed to the train station to catch the train to Hanoi at 3.30pm which would get us there at 5am.



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