Vietnam – Nha Trang


We arrived at 6 am, we were told that we’d arrive at 5am so we were all awake from 4.30am! The hotel were staying in is quite pleasant but we were not allowed to check in until later.

We were taken to a fancy cafe near our hotel, ẁhich isn’t somewhere I’d usually try to eat as it was made for tourists with higher prices. I had a oolong tea and what I thought would be an egg sandwich, turned out to be just a fried egg and a separate baguette…

Sarou sorted out a taxi for us to get to the Ba Ho waterfalls which were a 40 min drive away. the taxi which also took us to the Ponagar tower, only cost 800,000 D in total and between 5 of us it was really cheap!

Entrance to the tower was 22,000 D, it was a nice walk around but I was a little surprised that it was made of brick.

Then we drove to the waterfalls, it was a scenic route driving past the villages and farms. The road leading up to the entrance was really bumpy, but our taxi managed it. Entrance cost 25000D and we started walking the 1km path to the falls. A map at the entrance said that it would only take 20mins. It was quite a rocky path and I was glad I had worn my trainers, there were little paths that led to the river and some locals had already set up their space for the day for BBq and swimming.

When we reached the first large rocks there were red arrows showing us the way. This is when the walk became a climb. It was pretty tough jumping and climbing over the rocks, it felt really hot too even though it was only 10.30am. It took us a while to get to the first waterfall and by then I was sweating like a pig, and my top was drenched in my sweat. here a couple girls stopped while I continued with 2 others. The climb only got harder and there was one point where we were climbing vertically. It was so so worth it! At the top of the second waterfall there was a space we could swim in, I jumped straight in and loved every second in the cool fresh water. There were also little fish nibbling at my toes.

We didn’t stay for long as the others were waiting for us but I could’ve spent more time there and even attempt to find number 3. Heading back was so much easier than getting there and took no time at all. It didn’t take us long to find the others and head back to the taxi. I was so pleased we decided to come to the Ba Ho waterfalls as it was really pretty and it was great fun climbing the rocks and swimming in the fresh water.

Back at the hotel, we checked in and went to find lunch, a couple of the girls were worried about the cafes on the street but these cafes are so much cheaper, so we split up.  I had a pork rice dish, which was tasty and cost only 25,000D.

After lunch I headed out to the beach alone as the others didn’t want to sit in the heat. They made such a mistake as there was an amazing breeze and I fell asleep really quick.

For dinner we were taken to Lac Canh restaurant where we had BBQ beef and similar to Korean BBQ we cooked the meat and veg ourselves. However as it was a coal fire, it was really smokey and pretty sweaty. I should’ve had my shower after eating! The meat had been marinated and it was kind of sweet, and the veg was a nice variety.  I really enjoyed this meal and recommend the restaurant.

Afterwards we headed back to the beach front where there was a local concert happening, I’m not sure if it was famous singers but there was a huge crowd outside of the arena and everyone was really enjoying it. We found a night market where  bought this strange drink which had a mixture of different jelly bits and fruit. Annoyingly there was milk in the drink as I reacted immediately and got a stomach cramp, but it was so much fun to eat and tasted so good.


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