Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh


I had a really traumatic journey to Hong Kong airport as my ferry to HK was delayed by fog and I didn’t have much time for check in..I legged it through immigration and down to the taxi stand, and luckily checked in fine at HK station. Because I was worried about missing my flights I didn’t sleep at all and I’d only had 1 hour sleep before taking the taxi to the ferry port.needless to say I was so relieved that I had got to my gate in time ready for Vietnam.

I arrived in Vietnam pretty early and got a taxi for 9USD which is quite pricey but I didn’t know any better and I just wanted to drop my bag off at the hotel. It took quite a while to get there and once I had arrived the taxi driver asked for a tip, which kinda shocked me. I only had small change on me, and he was not happy with it which I found a but rude as the taxi itself was expensive.

Hotel on first impression looks nice and is in a good location. I decided to spend my day walking around, as I got to a tourist area this local guy came up to me and offered a tour. At first I was like no thanks, but then he showed me his review book which said Kim the driver is trustworthy and dates really good tours and isn’t shady. As I had nothing to do nor any idea where to go I agreed to a 3 our scooter tour of the city. Stupidly although I asked how much it was I just assumed it was a good deal at 1million dong, then halfway through the tour I was like SHIT he’s totally ripped me off… this is what happens when I’m tired. The 3 hours cost me 50usd, I’m so sad about it.

However, it was nice to jump on the back of the scooter and brave the roads. Kim showed me several pagodas, a Chinese market, the opera house, the river, a French colonial cost office. I’m now a bit worried I’m going to see it all again with the tour group!

He also got me an ice tea, and helped me buy a bahn mi.

The most crazy thing about the tour us driving on the roads, there’s not much structure and you just push your way through the traffic.

At the end of the tour I was dropped off by the park where I chilled in the shade and then slowly made my way back to the hotel to meet the G Adventures group at 6pm. Once back at the hotel I was finally able to check in and was pleasantly surprised at how nice the room was. Our hotel was called Hoang Ngan, and was in a good location.

Meeting the group our tour guide is called Sarou, and there are 4 other girls in our group. They’re all really lovely, one from UK, one from Germany and two from Norway. We also do some activities with the other tour group, and it’s a lot bigger group which only means more people to meet. We ran through what our journey entails and went through some of the activities we could take part in. Everything is optional which works really well for me as I don’t always like doing everything that’s in a tour.

That evening we went out for a group meal, the restaurant was situated amongst a lot of bars. I ordered some morning glory and a seafood pancake. I’d had both of these back in UK and actually thought the ones I’d eaten before was better! It was quite expensive and I assume it was because it was a tourist place. I paid around $12…!

Afterwards I was so knackered I headed back to the room, the rest of the group went out drinking.



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