Vietnam – Hoi An


We arrived early in the morning and were able to check straight into the hotel for a quick freshen up. It’s a pleasant hotel with a nice large room with windows.

Once I met up with the rest of the group we headed to the old town where we bought our tickets for 120,000D which gave us entry into the sights. We had breakfast in a fancy cafe, I had some French toast and it was pretty good!

Afterwards we were taken to the tailors to see if we wanted to get anything made. I had looked online and had seen some recommendations from Trip Advisor, I sought one out but when it came to talking about what I wanted I realised that the price they were stating $35, I could buy in the shop for the same price and have better quality material. I felt a bit let down as I thought it would be quite cheap but I guess if you are getting suits or special dresses it is completely worth it.

I ended up walking around the old town all day, I saw the bridge, an old house and a couple of museums. Each time I went to these sights they took off a part of my ticket and there were only 5 bits to the ticket but more than 5 places to go see! It was a bit difficult choosing what to see within our ticket price.

It’s really lovely in this town, it has a completely different vibe compared to the other cities, but I guess it is because it is not so big and it has been turned into a town for tourists. Each old house has been turned into a shop, bar or restaurant. Only a few have been kept in it’s original state. On the outside though, it’s so pretty, especially with the river nearby. I really love this part of Vietnam and would definitely love to come back. Maybe next time I can get something tailored!

For lunch I ate in the market, which was really tasty local food. I had a special dish which was pork and noodles and some crispy pork bits, and a whole load of herbs which I’m not too fond of. It cost me only 20,000D which is a bargain!

After lunch I continued to walk around the old town and picked up a scarf for myself and a cute outfit for my baby nephew. Before dinner I relaxed a bit, and then Sarou met us to take us to a local restaurant Bale Well. Here we were given spring rolls, pork and egg pancake to wrap up in rice paper with lettuce, kimchi and herbs. It was so delicious and made us all full really quick. It cost 120,000D each which is more on the pricey side but still an amazing deal.

In the evening the old town is really pretty as the lanterns are all lit up. It was lovely walking around to take pictures and to browse the shops again in the cool air. I saw some small food stalls by the river which would be a great place to eat dinner tomorrow night.

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