Thailand – Bangkok, Glitterarti Nail bar, central shopping


So I decided to get my nails done, and had done some research before and came across Glitterarti which was only 5 mins away from my hostel! The price I had quoted was 650B for gel, but I ended up paying double and I’m not really sure why. Could be because the design I wanted had gems and the whole schabang…. super bling. It was really pleasant though and the ladies did a great job! Really relaxing, free wifi and bottle off water. I highly recommend and if I’m ever in Bangkok again, I’d like to stop by just for plain nails (cheaper haa).

As it was thunder and lightning outside, I decided to stick to malls. I first headed to Paragon in Siam to buy some thai tea, and then walked to Platinum, where in comparison to Paragon, clothes are much more affordable. I didn’t buy anything by enjoyed browsing, it’s crazy in there! By the time I was done looking it was quite late and everywhere was closing so I got some food in the food court and headed back to my hostel.

If you have the time and patience and enjoy shopping, this area is perfect.


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