Thailand – Bangkok, Hair and wax!


Seeing as I’m leaving the land of dirt under my nails and hair wrecked by the sun I decided I should probably spruce myself up. 

I had found online this salon where they do amazing hair dyes, and at first I thought hell why not go blonde?! But I freaked out and opted for a trim instead. The salon is called Senpom, and the instagram really sells them. The salon ended up being quite far away and it took me a while to get to the BTS line Wongwian yiu but then I also had to take a taxi which cost 60b… Long story short, my hair looks terrible and I wish I had waited until I was home. I cried, it’s that bad, and had to tell the guy to stop cutting my hair. Bit of a disaster to start my day!

My next grooming station was back in Siam in Sim discovery where I had booked online a hard wax Brazilian for 1800b at Strip. It’s pricey and around the same price as home so I was hoping for the best. It took me a while to find in the department store, but it’s on the 4th floor near the toilets. When I arrived they told me I was able to get 10% discount for booking online, score! I was then ushered into the treatment room, where I had to put all my belongings in a cupboard, was given a little wet wipe and then I got comfortable. Honestly can say it was one of the most pleasant waxs I’d ever had! The technician was lovely, the wax was great and didn’t hurt me at all. They also have the no double dipping. Highly recommend this place!

After that I enjoyed hanging out in Siam Discovery as there’s free wifi and sofas. The stuff they sell is incredible independent style homewares and I really liked to look around.

As my last day in Asia I didn’t really do anything special, just happy to be heading to my next stop, Prague!


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