Thailand – Leaving Kanchanaburi to Bangkok, night market


So it was really unlucky, and unfortunate that the King of Thailand died yesterday. My condolences to the country. My original plan was to go to the Hell Fire Pass, and was really looking forward to it, but due to the situation it was closed today. I wasn’t 100% sure it was closed as it seemed that it was only supposed to be entertainment was to be toned down, Hellfire Pass isn’t too much of enjoyable entertainment compared with the full moon party! As it was 2 hours on the public bus I didn’t want to risk it and decided to head to Bangkok a day early. 

I was pleased to be leaving the slimey town off Kanchanaburi, I never realised it was a place for old Western men to court thai women, I expected it of Phuket and Pattaya but not the scenic town of Kanchanaburi!

Luckily I was able to get on a minibus to Bangkok, and many military were on board too. It took 3 hours to get to National Monument and from there I was able to easily get the skytrain to Phnom Phong station. It was a little confusing when buying the ticket as there was a change counter, then I realised you need small change, preferably coins for the ticket machine.

From the station I had a 15min walk to my hostel 1989, it took me a while to find and managed to get a bed for 200B per night which also included breakfast. I decided to go to the Chatchunan Market which is a huge weekend market. Before then I needed to eat, and the guy at the hostel told me about Terminal 21 mall which has a super cheap food court.

Terminal 21 ended up being one of my favourite malls, it’s right by Asok station so easy to get anywhere, there’s a lot of independent shops and the food court had tasty dished for 40B and less! Today I only ate there, and got to the market quite late in the day. It’s at the end off the BTS line, and from there a 5 min walk, easy to find, just follow the crowds. It’s pretty huge and if I had money and space in my bag I would have bought many things! I ended up buying food and a kids tshirt for my nephew. The market began to close at 5/6pm so I didn’t have long to look round. My favourite parts were the lighting / house section, and the animals (although some may say cruel). You can easily deck your house out!

After this market closed I went into the JJ mall but was getting quite tired, and wanted to head back. It meant as well I would miss the JJ night market which is in the park. I enjoyed what I saw though!


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