Thailand -Ayutthaya


I arrived in Ayutthaya at 3.30am… Completely dazed and tired I agreed to a taxi to take me to the centre of town for 200B(!). I knew I got ripped off as soon as I entered the car but thought I needed to find somewhere to stay asap.

Luckily the taxi driver took me to one street and told me that some of the hostels / hotels were open here. I had been told about Green Hostel by a guy at my hostel in Sukhothai, so took my chances, rang the door bell and hoped for an answer. Fortunately a guy opened the door and told me he had one room for 150B, while all the other rooms were 350B.

In the morning, I went out to hire a bike for 40B for the day and sorted out my minivan to take me to Kanchanaburi for 350B (a bit pricey but definitely the easiest and quickest way to get there). On the bike I cycled into the main historic area, and it was not as pleasant as Sukhothai for sure, but was manageable on the roads. Some parts I cycled on the pavement but was much more comfortable on the road.

Each temple has an entrance fee, pretty annoying, so I only went into a couple. The first was the main temple Wat Ratchaburana which is 50B entry, here there is supposed to be the Bhuddist statue in a tree but I couldn’t find it… Inside the main temple is a scary stairwell to an amazing mural. I then cycled roundto Wat Thamikarat thinking it was supposed to be a top temple to visit but it was a bit dissapointing and cost 20B to go in.

My cycle took me round unknowingly to the Old Royal Palace grounds and I ended up in Wat Phra Si Samphet without paying an entrance fee. I suppose that’s the benefit of exploring!

Afterwards I spent some time cycling round the park, and then down to Chikun Road where I found a small corner stall selling cheap food. That afternoon I cycled round the river, finally over the bridge and to Wat Chaiwatthanaram where I watched the sun go down. From this temple I could also see how swollen the river was, and surprisingly the temple was actually on lower ground than the river but there was a grass bank and border protecting the grounds. The water was at least 1 m higher than usual, which is devastating to the surrounding areas.

To finish the cycle I continued to follow the river clockwise until I reached my hostel. It was a great day out seeing everything and the cycling was so much fun. It completely knackered me out and I was to lazy to go find the night market for food and just ate round the corner.


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