Thailand – Ayutthaya to Kanchanaburi


My minivan picked me up at 9am and I arrived in Kachanaburi at 12pm. I asked to be dropped off in the centre rather than the bus station so I could find somewhere to stay.

After looking in one hotel which was 350B per night I asked where I could find cheaper and was pointed to Jollyfrog. Here the staff are so unfriendly but for 100B for a single room, I really cannot complain!

That afternoon I spent researching what I can do here and how I could do it. Once satisfied I headed out to the bridge over river Kwai which is a historical monument to remember those who died building the bridge and railway to Burma during WW2. It took me around 20mins to walk there, and is really busy with tourists and stalls. I feel that many people go there without knowing the connection between the bridge and the people who died, and taking happy selfies is just weird here. There’s a little bit of information around the bridge but I’m hoping the death railway museum will enlighten me some more about what happened.

I spent some time walking the bridge and maybe hoping to see the train but ended up getting bored and walked back to chill out for the rest of the evening.


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