Thailand – Sukhothai


I got up early after quite a pleasant sleep at Green House (looks can be deceiving). I headed to the main street where I first asked a tuk tuk to take me to the old city but he was charging 100b. So I found the bus stop and waited there, this takes a little longer as you have to wait for the bus to fill up a bit but costs only 30B one way. Once off the bus, I decided not to hire a bicycle as I thought I would only want to visit the centre. The park is split up into Centre, North and West, and each one has a 100B entry fee plus an extra 10B for the bike.

It’s so pleasant here, well maintained and manicured! There’s no traffic inside the park so it’s really nice to walk around. It was, unfortunately, way too hot and I really suffered but took many shaded breaks. Another thing which I loved was the lack of tourists, there really is no one there.

It took me around 2,5hours to walk around the centre, after which I left and had lunch near the entrance. I then decided to rent a bike… bit silly should have got one from the start! It cost 30B for the day (closing at 6pm), and you can rent right outside the centre entrance.

I decided not to entre but cycle around the North park, and then headover to the West park which is more sparse and you need a bike to get there and look around. I was pleased with my choice as the North has only two ruins, grand nonetheless but it wouldn’t have taken me long to go around.

The West is a one path way round and many temples are situated up on hills or in the forest so it feels more like an exploration. I loved walking up the slated steps to see te view from the top, although some didn’t have a view and I felt cheated for having walked so far uphill in the heat. I tried to go see the ruins in the forest but the path seemed to go on for ages and I didn’t have proper shoes, and I was also walking face first into spiderwebs with the spiders still on. Sooo I turned back. I was a little weary of spending too much time in the West and didn’t want to miss the last bus at 5pm. I skipped a few ruins but really enjoyed my ride.

I did also just make the last bus by 5 mins woohoo so I just had to relax and be taken back into the main town. For dinner I ate just past the bridge and it was quite decent for 30B.

That evening I headed to the bus station and caught the 10.30pm bus, now I said I paid for VIP and my gosh it was VIP! The chairs were so comfy and almost fully reclined, there was a TV (in Thai), I got a bottle of water, aa packet of biscuits and a blanket. I was a happy bunny, until my bus arrived at 3.30am in Ayutthaya…….


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