Thailand – Kanchanaburi, Erawan Waterfall by public bus, heritage walk


Today I got up super early (6.30am wtf) and got ready to leave my hostel at 7.30am to try and catch the first local bus at 8am to the waterfalls. I shared a tuk tuk to the bus station for 50B, it’s only a 2km walk so can do that too or even rent a bicycle for 50B for the day.

The tuk tuk driver took us to the correct bus, but easy to find otherwise as there’s a whiteboard with all the departure times to go and come back. It cost 50B one way, and isn’t the most comfortable ride, but decent enough for the price and duration (1.5hrs).

The bus dropped us off at the entrance, whereas I had read online that there was a 1km walk to the start of the hike, so I was pleased how easy it was. When we drove through the entrance a guy came on board and charged us all 300B (risen from the 200B in the lonely planet guide) for park entry.

I decided to hike up all 7 tiers having heard it was quite difficult but I found it relatively easy (much easier in proper shoes for sure), but then at the top the water was quite dried out so I didn’t have to wade through the falls like I had been told would happen. It was a shame that it was so dry, apparantly it starts to dry up in September, so I just missed it. At the top tier I enjoyed the cool water and the nibblin fish. At first I couldn’t stand them but slowly got used to it and wanted them to eat all my dry skin.

After a few hours I headed back down, whilst it began to heavily rain so I didn’t dip in any of the other levels, and then ate some lunch at the bottom. It was all in good timing as a bus was waiting to leave as we finished eating and headed back swiftly.

Instead of getting a tuk tuk back to the hostel, we decided to walk back via the heritage walk where there are a ton of old buildings. It all looked quite Chinese to me.. On the street I stopped off at a cafe and had a tea and sweet toast (it was 15B so I had to try it). Walking on I came across a modern Bhuddist temple, and the Chinese cemetary.

All in all it was a great day, I was pleased to have got to the waterfalls and back with ease. Online it sounded so difficult! There’s a bus there every half hour from 8am until lunchtime and then if I remember correct, every hour. To come back there’s a bus every hour until 5pm. If unsure just ask at the bus station rather than in town as I was given conflicting information!


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