Thailand – Heading to Sukhothai from Chiang Mai


I took a red taxi to the bus station arouond 10am to be sure to be at the station before my bus left at 11am.

It was a 2nd class bus so no fancy frills but it did it’s job, asides only stopping once for the toilet and I ended up sitting on the bus for 6  hours!

The bus rides past the old town, so if you have accomodation there then tell the bus driver to stop. Otherwise, stay on and get off at the bus station in New Sukhothai. I had booked the cheapest accomodation I could find online which was Green House, and it was alright, you get what you pay for basically. It’s also a short 15min walk from the station if  you manage to have a map.

On arrival I booked my next bus to Ayutthaya, I had heard from a friend that it was ok to go and the flooding wasn’t in the city centre. It cost me 310B for a VIP night bus.

I arrived around 5,30pm and once checked in, I headed out for food. There’s a lot of street food which made me happy. I got some meat skewers and then some noodle soup. I was really tempted to go eat in the restaurant called Poo but it was a little pricier than the street haha.


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