Thailand – Back to Chiang Mai, Terracotta Garden

I got the bus back to Chiang Mai at 9am and arrived by the East gate at 12pm. I walked a little, but flagged down a red taxi to take me round the corner to North gate. I decided not to go back to the previous hostel I stayed as the one at the top of the road was easier to get to, and cheaper.

To book my bus to Sukhothai I had to go to the actual bus terminal which is a 20min journey away, so I paid 50B to get a taxi there. At first I went to the wrong terminal and almost queued up forever, but I was told to go to terminal 1 across the road. Here it was easy to choose a company (generally they wave at you), and I booked a bus for the next day to leave at 11am. There was a choice at 5am or 9am but I thought as it took time to get to the terminal and it’s a long journey, I’ll go a bit later.

I had to get a taxi back into town, and I decided to check out this cafe I had read about on many blogs called the Terracotta Garden cafe. I loaded it up on and found it relatively easily and it’s near the South gate, perfect to head to the market afterwards.

This cafe is so super nice, I got myself a Thai Iced Tea, sat myself near the pond and just admired the area. It’s so quiet and shaded so I loved it, I also enjoyed the wifi too haha. It’s so pretty with all the different clay ornaments and the green moss. It was a shame they closed only an hour and half after I arrived as I could have chilled there for so much longer.

Once chucked out I headed to the market but it was only just setting up. I had a quick look for some specific things I had found in the last Saturday market, couldn’t see it and had to turn round and head back once all the stalls were set up. I finally got some bits and bobs to take home and also got myself some more ribs yum yum.



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