Indonesia – Tebing Tinggi


We set of early morning to Tebing Tinggi, for breakfast we found a guy selling rojak so I got a huge mixed bag of fresh fruit. We then drove out of Medan, it was a super long journey and the traffic is just crazy here. We passed all these big red signs for Tahu and were wondering what the hell it was all about until we saw this fried tofu place and of course had to stop off to see what all the fuss was about.

We got a box of the fried tofu which tasted like chicken nuggets, and some sweets like the coconut pancake and sesame ball. On the drive we also passed a street where they just sell dodol , I didn’t get any though because I was stuffed.

On arrival in Tebing Tinggi I noticed that there are a lot of carts attached to bikes transporting everyone around the town, it was the first place I’d seen to have this set up for locals. I also saw the KFC lorry, as they don’t have an official shop.
As we arrived at lunch time we headed straight to PBK a speciality pork restaurant, and had someof the pork with rice and soup. Although the pork is fatty it makes it super juicy and delicious, I felt like the piece of pork at the end of lunch…full of fat! I really need to head back to train Muay Thai….

We were staying at Rudys dad’s place and we chilled out for the afternoon, and took a quick bike ride around the town. There’s noticeably a lot more Chinese here which brings in more Chinese food and business. It’s got a laid back vibe here, even if the roads are still super crazy.

In the evening, we went out for dinner at a small Chinese restaurant, I was so full from lunch I didn’t eat much but we had some nice fish and veg. We then took a quick walk down the food stall market which isn’t walk friendly as all the cars and bikes are trying to whizz past you. I bought 3 English CDs from this guy for 15,000rp, they didn’t end up working but luckily I could switch them later. Then we headed to a cafe for some tea and coffee, opposite we saw a carnival going on so decided to check it out.

At the carnival there were the usual old school hook a duck, throw a ball at the cans and candyfloss. There were also other stalls like betting on ten pin bowing, with prizes like bags of oil and bottles of drink. There was the big wheel and a train running round the area, there were other kids rides which looked like they were going to fall apart any second. No health and safety out here! We watched the main event which was this huge barrell like structure, we paid 8000rp each and walked up to the top where there was the most unsafe floor. After finding a section to stand where we didn’t think we would fall through we watched these two guys ride round the edge of the inside of the barrell. I was so scared they would come over the top or fall down, so scary! The locals were putting notes in their mouths for the two guys on the bikes to collect, and it was so impressive and scary to watch them grab it. They were also riding round not holding on, standing up and various other positions. We hung out some money for them to collect too as we didn’t think 8000rp was enough to risk your life haha.

For dessert I had a crispy martabak with nuts and sugar, it was really good, like a crispy pancake! Much better than the heart attack martabak in Belitung.


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