Indonesia – Pispis White Water Rafting


We woke up early as we decided to go rafting for the day, we had breakfast at a local mie restaurant and then headed off. It took around 1 hour to drive there from Tebing Tinggi, and we passed many villages and palm oil plantations.

Once at the rafting place, we got lost a fair few times, we were told there was no space for us! After some discussion they agreed to take us along with the the other people who had booked, and it cost us 190,000rp each. We were given our vests, helmets and oar and then had to stand up on the back of this truck to get us to the top of the river.

This journey in the truck was so tiring! We had to hold on so tight so not to fall over as the truck drove over 1million pot holes. It was interesting to see all the villages and people living there, it reminded me more of Laos. Before we finally got on the raft we had a quick swim in the water, which was so cold but refreshing.

On the raft, obviously we were too many people and I felt somewhat unsafe, but excited nonetheless. I needn’t have worried because the water was so low the rapids were almost non existant and we ended up never rowing so the raft moved at an incredbly slow pace.

The kids on the boat didn’t seem interested in rowing ever, they were more interested in pushing each other in the water, jumping off rocks and smoking. We also got stuck on so many of the rapids which made it difficult to enjoy. The scenery was beautiful, and nearer the end of our trip all the villagers were washing themselves and their clothes in the water. There were also local men fishing with hand made harpoons and washing their bikes. The whole trip ended up taking around 6 hours! I wasn’t even knackered as we basically relaxed the whole way down… luckily the kids offered us some of their snacks as we had only bananas to eat, we were all starving though. A bit disappointing white water rafting wise but happy to see the river and local life.

That evening we ate a delicious Chinese meal, and every one of us ate so much as we had missed lunch. I also got another martabak cause I’m a pig like that.


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