Indonesia – Belitung to Medan


We arrived in Medan via Jakarta from Belitung, no dramas this time and the standard delayed flight in Jakarta. We had arranged for a driver to pick us up and take us to Medan from the airport which took around 1 hour or so. There was so much traffic, which is usual for here aparently, it didn’t help that there was an overturned lorry so everyone was slowing down to take a look.

Once in Medan we headed straight to Grand Plaza to eat some Peking duck at the Duck Palace restaurant. This filled so many holes in my stomach it was unreal, I’d been craving duck pancakes for so long and I was so happy to eat some finally. It was expensive but there isn’t much else in Medan to do asides from walk around malls.
After lunch we headed to a street which sold just Bika Ambon which is this stringy cake special to the area. We got a cake from the ATI shop but had a look round the others too. They also sell Lapis Legit a stripy cake which can come in many flavours. I just wonder how all the Indonesians aren’t obese.

We then headed to Centre Point mall, had a quick look around and found an arcade at the top. It cost 50,000rp for a play card which you swipe for each machine. We played this boxing fight game where you punch the air, standard shooting game, a water shooting game where water squirts on the screen and then 3 rounds of basketball shootout. It was actually a lot of fun and there were a lot of Japanese arcade machines. Also got some lols from watching this guy dance super feminine to this full body dance game.

As a snack I had a roti canai and a roti tisu, both were delicious and the roti tisu was fun to eat! For dinner I went to a traditional Nasi Padang, I was stuffed though so just had a bit of beef rendang and mutton curry. It was really delicious, I love the beef in these places.

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