Indonesia – Heading to Lake Toba


Got up early and ate some char kway teo for breakfast, got some bananas and mangosteen, packed our stuff and got straight onto the road.

It took us one hour to arrive at Siantar which is an incredibly crazy town filled with local buses like the ones in barbados, customised and unsafe driving. Here we stopped for a little bit and checked out the market which had live fish which were jumping all over the place and chickens everywhere. We tried to find some bakpao which is a pork bun, but unfortunately the place was closed. It’s so mental here and unlike any town I’d visited before.

We then had 1 hour until we reached the lake, this journey was more scenic as we wound through the mountainous roads and saw all the monkeys hanging about. We tried to make them jump on the car by putting a banana there but they were all scared. We hung a banana out the window and they finally took it, we really wanted to make them on the car but it wasn’t possible.

To get to the lake we had to drive to the ferry port in Ajibata, and we had to wait a couple hours so we parked our car in the queue and had a wander around but there wasn’t much to see. Eventually we reversed the car onto the boat, and some local boys all jumped off the boat when we threw money down for them to catch. It seems like they do this everytime the boat departs to get a bit of extra cash as everyone was throwing money in for them to race to.

The boat took 1 hour to get to the other side and it was pitch black when we arrived. Out the port turning left we then got to the main town Tuk Tuk, having nowhere to stay we drove around for a little bit and found a guest house. We stayed at Maryska which was 140,000rp for the night (we bargained it down from 200,000rp) and it was a decent sized room with hot water. The only problem were the mosquitos but during the night we were covered up so I didn’t get bitten. The decor was pretty cute too.

For dinner we walked 5 minutes down the road to a Western restaurant and got a pizza to share, and watched Indonesian Take Me Out on tv.


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