Indonesia – Jakarta to Belitung


I had a lazy morning, ate breakfast at the hotel and then later met up with peeps for lunch at an Indonesian restaurant.

The food was really good, I had some fish head curry and beef rendang. Afterwards I headed straight to the airport to catch my flight to Tanjun Pandan (Belitung Island). After being dropped off at the wrong terminal, I was a little worried we’d not make this flight but this being Indonesia and a low cost airline I knew that the flight would be delayed. I was totally right about the delay and I arrived 1 hour later than planned.

It cost 50,000rp per person to get to my hotel Belitung Inn. On research I found no low cost accomodation, so we settled on a hotel in the main town. I was happy to see restaurants and food stalls not too far away from the hotel, and that evening after settling in I had a quick wander.

I got some fruit from a stall, then bought a huge Martabak to try. Martabak is some serious dessert here, it’s a huge pancake which is then covered in half ┬ákilo of butter and then a kilo of toppings. I went for the keju coklat, which is cheese and chocolate, a combination I will never understand but continue to eat. It was a heart attack in a bite, and I only managed to eat a bit, delicious though! I then had an offal full Cop Cay, which was a little off putting…


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