Indonesia – Belitung Island, Tanjun Kelayang


Had a slow morning, I think my body is freaking out that I’ve not done any Muay Thai for 2 days. I tried to rent a scooter from my hotel but they didn’t have any so I walked to the Honda shop a couple stops down from the hotel and asked there.

The men working there were extremely friendly, told us to wait 5mins, gave us a bottle of tea and had a small conversation with us. One of the guys came back and told us to jump on the back of his bike, and proceeded to take us to a local rental place in a back alley. I wondered who rented the bikes here as it wasn’t tourist friendly.. We were literally in an alley way where some women were chilling and managing the rental. We picked the best bike they had to offer, and to be honest I have no idea which is good or not! Just hoped for the best.

Once I had my new wheels we were off to the first beach on our list, Tanjun Kelayang which was a 40min drive north. While driving I felt at times that I was back in Barbados as it had such a caribbean vibe, with the cute colourful houses and tropical trees.

The beach seemed quite busy when we arrived, and there were many boats taking people out to the surrounding islands. We walked around to the left and waded through the sea and around rocks to find our own secluded piece of paradise. The water was crystal and I had the pretty rocks just in front and best of all, no people!

I spent a good few hours here and left before the tide got too high. Unfortunately I was bitten all over by tiny midges and my skin reaction has not been fun to deal with. Next time I know to bring insect repellant!

After a nap in the evening, as I was tired from laying in the sun and driving back, and ventured out for dinner where again most places were closed. We found a nice restaurant on the main road not too far from KFC, and is run by a guy who can speak English which is surprising.

He brought out a ton of veg, steamed chicken and an ice kacang. Super tasty! The guy who runs the restaurant explained that there will soon be an international flight from KL and Singapore to Belitung so now is the time to open up this type of business. He was so happy to see us that he gave us some fish cakes to try and didn’t make us pay for the ice kacang.


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