Indonesia – From Phuket to Jakarta


It was time to say goodbye to Sumalee and Phuket, and head back to Indonesia for part 2. I had booked a flight to KL, and then from there to Jakarta, of course with the usual dramas…

My flight to KL was delayed by 20mins, which left me 2 hours to get to my other flight. This doesn’t sound too bad, right? Wrong. It took me 30mins to walk to immigration, go through and then collect my bag, and then I had to change terminal! I arrived at my check in desk just over an hour before my flight and there was the longest queue. However, the queue was for my flight so I knew that all these people would also have to go to immigration etc.

In the end the flight left a little delayed and I finally arrived in Jakarta. This time I was staying in a hotel, Holiday inn no less. I was quite pleasant and a mall was next door. It is a good location for groups.

During the day I had a quick look around the mall, and then had a nap. Slight error as when I woke up all the restauarants were closing! Managed to find a Din tai Fung restaurant and finally got some grub. It was only 10pm so I was quite shocked that every other restaurant was closed.

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