Indonesia – Belitung Island, Kaolin Lake and Tanjung Tengigi


Originally the plan was to go to the lake and spend the day there as I had read a blog online which said that you can swim there and the water is super soft and the mounds of Kaolin are like a mini mount bromo. It took us only 10 mins to get there on the scooter and was relatively easy to find.

The reality was that the water is actually not good for you at all, so swimming is prohibited. There is even a man made wall and fence built to stop people from getting close to the water.

That saying, the mounds of the mineral were really interesting to look at and I walked round it and saw an old school factory where they process the mineral. To me it looked like something Disneyland would imagine up with a rickety train riding through. I really enjoyed looking at the mounds and exploring the area.

The lake too was very beautiful, the water is a piercing blue colour due to the chemicals in the mineral. It made for very nice photos, and apparently it’s a hot spot for prewedding photos. At the lake I ate some mixed fruit that I’d bought earlier in town and relaxed while pondering what to do now.

In the end I headed back up North to the famous Tengigi beach, after grabbing a quick ice kacang. We were warned it would be busy and yes in the surrounding area it was busy but the actual beach was very quiet. It’s really very pretty here and I enjoyed this beach a lot, I did feel a little uncomfortable at times as I was the only one in a bikini and the only foreigner. However, it didnt deter me and I still managed to sunbathe and swim in the super clear sea.

I fully understand why this beach is rated so high, the rocks are really amazing and during the sunset the rocks added so much atmosphere and beauty. The water is not rough and it’s warm enough to sit in for a long period but also cool enough to provide some relief from the sun. When I noticed the flies coming out I sprayed up on bug repellant and avoided more bites. Honestly, I could defintely come back!

On the drive back, we realised we were super hungry as we had skipped lunch. I saw a place which looked quite decent and it was a trendy cafe inside. Unfortunately it was realy expensive with stingy poor quality food. It meant I came away hungry and had to find somewhere else to eat! Luckily there was a local food stall open and I had some fried lele and rice for 30,000rp (same price as the crap food in the cafe…) After that I was super tired from all the travelling around and headed back to my hotel.



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