Indonesia – Ubud to Kuta Lombok


Wow can’t believe it’s August already! I am finally leaving Bali for Lombok, I had booked a bus through Panema tours for 60,000IDR to take me to the airport. Annoyingly my flight leaves at 4pm but the only bus I could take was at 10,30am. So I have around 4 hours to kill at the airport, although my flight has been delayed by 1 hour.
So my day just got better and better, my flight has been cancelled due to an eruption on mount Rinjani. Great.

Good news, I can book onto the same flight the next day free of charge.
Bad news, I have to spend the night in Kuta Bali.

After an hour of finding customer services, pushing my way to the front to rebook my ticket, and then queuing again to collect my bag, I had the delightful task of getting a taxi. I had found a hostel not too far from the airport which was away from the main traffic but the taxis had no qualms to charge me 150,000IDR. To get to Ubud they were charging 250,000IDR which just made the whole situation ridiculous.

Eventually, I shared a cab with two girls and ended up paying only 30,000IDR.
Once at my hostel, I got lost my wasn’t working, I was then told I would have to stay at their other hostel nearer the main strip as this one was full. Yay. I complained, obviously, as I had wanted to avoid the main strip and be close to the airport for money reasons. I won this round as they offered me free transport to the airport tomorrow.
I then proceeded to sit on the back of this guys bike with my huge backpack on my back and day pack on my front, thinking I was going to fall off because I couldnt hold on. 10mins later, I’m at this hostel CX, which is pleasant enough but not what I was looking for.

I eventually braved the streets and found a rank satay shop and spat out half of the chicken, but it was cheap. I then had a wander down the main strip and saw a ton of bars and clubs. If I was here with friends, it would be way more fun for sure.
My fingers have been crossed the entire time in hope that I do fly tomorrow.


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