Indonesia -Arriving in Kuta Lombok


Today is the day, I am hoping and wishing that the volcano is not affecting any more flights today. So far on an online flight status, everything looks good.

I decided to have a walk to the beach and buy another sarong as I realised I had left a tshirt, bikini and sarong in Ubud… bad luck just keeps coming! The beach was nice enough, it was fun to watch the surfing. I then walked around a bit to see the main street in daylight, it wasn’t that delightful nor fun to walk around.

Finally I got my motorbike taxi to the airport, he put my bag at my feet thank god, and I was dropped off outside the airport. Some good news at last, my flight is leaving and I’m finally getting to Lombok.

In Lombok I had the lovely task, yet again, to get a taxi. I paid 50,000IDR which was more than the couple who shared with me .I foughtfor 50,000ODR though so I couldn’t go any lower.

At Ike’s hostel, I settled in and joined others for dinner and drinks and bumped into some people I’d met in Yogyakarta which was nice. It’s so much more chill here, and even in the taxi here I had a good feeling about this place.


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