Indonesia – Bali Ubud, wax and a walk


It was about time I did something about my hair considering I was going to be spending some time on the beach in Kuta Lombok soon. So after a bit of research I found a spa call Skin Spa, who do a brazilian wax for 140,000rp. They have decent reviews although they are based a bit out the centre of town, I managed to book online for an appointment the same day at2pm.

To kill time beforehand I did a nice stroll down to Monkey Forest, and then up the street parallel. I had some food quickly before heading past the palace to the spa, I ended up walking for a good couple of hours! When I finally got to the spa (I got lost, went too far, got dog poo on my toe…) I was taken into a nice curtained room, exposed myself and had the quickest wax known to man. In out in about 8mins. I highly recommend them.
Afterwards I was close by to the Campuhan ridge walk so I decided to see the views at the top. It’s a really easy walk with a nice view of the field at the top, it’s nothing amazing for sure but it was nice enough. I kept walking until I came across the cafe which has amazing seating overlooking the rice field. This was really pleasant although it was raining and I was cold. I had a banana pancake which was ok…

Walking back to the hostel I caved in and went shopping. I’m pleased to say I have clothing from Bali now! Bag just getting heavier and heavier. That evening I had to relax as I’d ended up walking for a good few hours, and was dehydrated.


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