Indonesia – Rinjani 3d2n, DAY 3


Finally got to the last day of this hike! I didn’t sleep well and my breathing wasn’t any better but I was so happy to be finally heading down.

Today was just a pure downhill jungle trek, which at first was nice and fun but quickly became tedious. We had 5 hours of it, and by 11am I was crashing and was losing motivation and energy. Luckily we had a lunch break where I was able to nap for 30mins and give me enough energy to get all the way down. My knees were hurting and my legs were like jelly!

By 1pm I had made it, I had seen plenty of monkeys on the way down both the grey and black ones and was so happy I’d made it. It was an unforgettable hike for sure!

We were taken back to the company base where we collected our things and then I was in a car to take me to Sengigi where I’d spend the night. On the way I didn’t stop having dramas and my nose bled, and I felt like death. I rebooked my trip to Flores to the Saturday and then found there was no accomodation available to stay in Sengigi unless I paid triple. So what I did was order in a pizza, showered and slept to think about it all the next day!


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