Indonesia – Rinjani 3d2n, DAY 2


So after having breakfast and a quick lie down I had to make the quick decision if I continue or turn back. My chest was still really bad, and I was slightly traumatised from the summit hike. Everyone in my group told me that I should continue but take it slow.

So that’s what I did.. I continued and had a bit of an emotional start to the day as I really couldn’t breathe very well. My guide didn’t know what to do as I cried while walking down the crater. Seriously, I was a mess! I just followed the path and watched as the rest of the group zoomed ahead, it was so annoying not being able to hike at a faster pace like I usually do.

The first part of the day was climbing down the crater and then heading to the lake. Despite all my terrible bodily problems I was still really enjoying the view, it’s just stunning. I still can’t believe I’m on a volcano!

Once at the lake, I had finally managed to control my breathing so it didn’t hurt as much and took up the much needed rest. Unfortunately by the lake, it’s really disgusting from all the rubbish. I was hoping to take a dip but it was too horrible and I just looked beyond the rubbish and at the far view of the mini volcano inside Rinjani. This was the volcano that erupted just one week before and stopped my plane from flying! I couldn’t believe how close I was to it.

Around the corner from the lake are the hotsprings, you can see the water bubbling up from inside, and we had to go in the pool which was a bit further down so it wasn’t too hot. The water was an orange colour, possibly because of the sulphur? It was luxurious though. I still had a hard time breathing so took it easy and scrubbed all the dirt off me and rinsed my hair.

After the dip we had lunch and relaxed before we had to hike back up the other side of the crater. This hike was lovely, it was in the forest at first, but an easy path slowly getting higher, and then you come out to the side of the crater where you can see the lake from high up. On this path I had to climb up some rocks, which I really enjoyed. Today ended up being a really nice hike, yes I still struggled but it was so pretty it made up for it.

At the top of the crater there was the most incredible view of the world above clouds. It was sunny and warm with a cold breeze, the perfect way to end the day. Except my porter had gone missing again and I didn’t have a tent until after sundown and we were sleeping in one of the windiest coldest parts of the crater! I hoped for a good sleep.




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